Maggie Duran Nekkid Brunette Perfection for Lui

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Are you prepared to fall into lust? I don't mean cheap, temporary lust that gentlemen oglers might experience a hundred times a day walking down your city boulevards or spying on girls in the locker room, I mean, deep rooted, intense, painful longing type of lust. I'll take it on faith that your answer is in the affirmative. And, so, meet Maggie Duran. Just one slice of fine female form sextastic. A young model beginning to make waves in photoshoots and, now, in the prurient folds of your libido.

Maggie is featured in her revealing birthday suit on the pages of the French Lui magazine. Her perfect slender body just emoting passion right on down to her neatly trimmed landing strip. It's really quite the visual experience, for which I again caution you about that obsessive lust thing. It will happen. And, then, abandon all hope of every feeling whole again. Enjoy.

(You can catch Maggie twirling outside her modeling agency offices if you really want to complete your Maggie Duran indoctrination.)

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