Martha Hunt and Candice Swanepoel Black and White and Topless Hotness All Artsy Over

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I'm not exactly sure why Carolina model Martha Hunt and our uber-sextastic friend Candice Swanepoel are boudoir dressed up then in various states of undress for this meaningful photoshoot for 25 magazine. I could try to interpret the subtle stylistic and artistic tones, but, once the girls start flashing their bare tops, there's little point to deeper meaning. I'll leave that to the scholars who studied important things at important schools.

As for me, it's all about the fine bare female forms of Candice and Martha and imagining just how spruced up my super-mini-mansion would look with the likes of these two draped nekkid over the Ikea furniture. Quite a bit nicer I might add. I'd even put away the loose socks. Enjoy.

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