Minami Kojima Nekkid Hotness for A Step Up in Japanese Lust Inducing Explorations

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Thank you kindly to EgoReader 'Jason' for his push toward the sultrier side of our Far East expeditions into celebrity and model hotness, with a solid taste of Japanese glamour model Minami Kojima. I would love to know what Minami's name means in English, as I'm guessing it's something close to 'you will never need Viagra again'. This wicked hot brunette shows off more than just a traditional coquettish smile, but actually play time with a camera of her own and a sofa of which I am very jealous at this time.

I'd say our mission Japan just took a turn for the alluring. Hide the children and lock up the, um, children. Hide them, then lock them up. It's time to kick this Asian expedition up a few eye popping notches. Enjoy.

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