MUST SEE: Emily Ratajkowsk Nekkid Shimmering Remarkable Hotness

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I can't think of a finer reversal of convention than Emily Ratajkowski getting undressed to go to work. The absolutely stunning  young brunette and quick reader favorite here on Egotastic! just can't seem to keep her clothes on. She's the absolute must have girl for photographers looking to shoot stunning and memorable nekkid and topless photo series. She's also the must have girl of my dreams about three to one-hundred times per sleep cycle, with a few daydreams involving fresh ripe produce mixed in for good measure.

In this Tony Duran photoshoot, Emily seems to be working out or dancing or in some kind of sweaty environment that calls for her immediate removal of clothing, starting with a reveal of her absolutely stellar pair of chest puppies that have quickly become my dreamscape nonpareils. When Emily starts stripping further, well, it's time to call in sick for work, lock the doors, and crank up the Zeppelin. And have a good evening. Enjoy.

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