Patricia Andrade Topless Native Sextastic Along the Beach

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They don't just hand out Miss Brazil titles. It's a coveted title in a land that produces so many incredibly sultry alluring women. Patricia Andrade won the title not so super long ago, and now she's baring her wares on the pages of FWM magazine, for country, and for gentleman oglers everywhere.

I'm not exactly sure why Patricia is donning a tribal feather headdress. Perhaps it alludes to her own heritage or perhaps she's sending subtle message in the Redskins naming debate, all I know is so long as it remains on her head and doesn't obscure views of her smoking hot body, I'm down with the wardrobe motif. In fact, headwear apparel on a sextastic nekkid lady is a perfectly acceptable, if not wonderful way to add spice to the relationship. Albeit, adding spice to relationships is something people say when you're not dealing with one of the partners looking like Patricia Andrade. She brings her own spice to the party. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Rogerio Tonello

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