Rafaela Didea Topless Daisy Duke Striptease For Brazilian Genius

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As much as Justin Bieber tried to ruin the nation of Brazil on his visit, there's no taking down the international hot spot homeland of supermodels and hot booty beach babes galore. Not by one midget, not by any one man, or a million men. Sextastic always shines through. Which is why I get so geeked when I get an email saying you need to check out Brazilian model.... anybody. I know it's going to be good. And Rafaela Didea featured in Bella da Semana, no, not disappointing in the least.

This sultry Brazilian model has one ridiculously hot body and a passion inducement factor of ten to the wooden power. Check her out stripping out of her jean shorts to reveal her stellar melons and see if you don't feel like booking your World Cup travel right about now. It's caravan time. Enjoy.

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