READER FINDS: Amanda Righetti Topless, Ali Larter Crazy Hotness, Luisana Lopilato Young Modeling, and Much Much More...

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After a week of near freezing 60-degree weather here in Tinsel Town, we are finally back to endless summer weather which means I need to be heading off to the beach soon with my binoculars, my cooler filled with Mike's Hard Lemonade and push-pops, and, of course, my stuffed otter, Mr. Cuoco. But I'm not even thinking of peeking at girls in bikinis in the offline world until I get some serious business done today. Like the responsibility of assembling the best of our highly enlightened and overly educated and deeply in college debt reader skintastic contributions. You guys (and super hot reader girls) really do give it up each week for each other in such a beautiful, giving, and deviant way. It's really quite touching.

This week's Reader Finds includes Jessica Alba leggy hot in a photoshoot from almost a decade ago now (classic Alba goodness from EgoReader 'Zach'), Ali Larter in not one, but two amazing Heroes-era promotional photoshoots (wicked Larter hotness by way of 'Stacey P.'), Cindy Crawfordin a recent way overlooked sextastic photoshoot for Muse (mole-deliciousness provided by 'Erin'), Raquel Welch in a throwback classic see-through shoot from Harry Langdon (70's styling sweetness from 'Decker'), Pamela Anderson shot when she was also quite the young hot babe come to Hollywood (more throwback honey from 'Devon'), Amanda Righetti topless in not so horrific Angel Blade (cinematic funbags via 'Steve P.'), oft topless Britty actress Patsy Kensit flashing chestal heat on screen (yum yums delivered by 'Tony'), Dexter actress Julie Benz also quite funbag flashing on the big screen (courtesy of 'Robbie'), Sudamericana model hottie Coty Alvarez and her major league mams in a pool (muchas gracias para ellas to 'Ian D.'), pictures of lingerie model Luisana Lopilato when she was just starting out (corresponded nicely by 'Yorch'), Stacey Poole naughty nylons in the office (from the deviant mind of 'C.J.'), a hotel room photoshoot prep peek at Bella Thorne and a social media click of Kylie Jennerin a bikini (kudos to 'Marcos' for these two finds), and, last, but not least, to a million and one of you much savvier than I who noticed that we posted a picture of bikini water model Keyara accidentally flashing her two bare nips and forgot to call it out. Bad, Egotastic. Good Readers. Enjoy.

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