READER FINDS: Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, and Christina Ricci All Topless and Much Much More...

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Another extraordinary bit of work by your chaps and by far the hottest looking lady readers on the Internet. A communal gathering and sharing of some might find celebrity skin in the name of the great visual good. Someday, I will tell my children about this magic, and they will tell their children who won't give a hoot, but that's life. In the present, we are as one in the devotion to some of the finest women in the world, a collection of such ladies as provided by you, the Egotastic! community, in a little number we perform each week called the Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes Kim Dickens in her making of the sexy scene from Sons of Anarchy (might be a body stand-in, but big thanks regardless to EgoReader 'Paragon'), Juliana Schalch topless in HBO Latin America's O Negocio TV series (kindly submitted by 'Francis'), French hooker turned designer Zahia Dehar stripping in her freaky cat cave (kudos to 'Gwen' for this ditty), Adriana Lima sheer panties on the runway (transmitted by 'Matt'), Christina Ricci topless in Prozac Nation (funbags courtesy of 'Richie'), Jessica Boehrs quite stunning and topless in EuroTrip (thrown over the fence by 'Stoney'), scandalous Serbian political figureVanja Hadzovic in some crazy hot modeling pictures (dug up thoughtfully by 'Thomas'), Jo Evans who we recently met most definitely hot and topless (graciously contributed by 'C.J.'), more bootylicious posedowns by Miss BumBum Dai Macedo (bless your kind asstastic deliverance 'Ron W.'), Sarah Hyland in some of her bikini cleavy moments from Modern Family (a certain 'SP' knows we dig heavily Ms. Hyland), Mandy Moore in old-school lingerie in Hotel Noir (fine Mandy Moore sighting by 'Jeb'), Nicole Kidman topless in Eyes Wide Shut ('Amy H.' knows we never tire of seeing these), Jenny Allford out of the shower topless in The Snow Queen (provided for well by 'Ian'), Cameron Diaz super duper topless pics from the last century ( holy shmoley factor served up by 'Dessie'), South African hottie Lesley-Ann Brandt in bikini promos for Drift (whoa baby hotness from 'Steve'), Kelly Lynch topless way back in Warm Summer Rain (mammary memories laid out by 'Dwane'), SOA's Robin Weigert quite nekkid in Synedoche (interesting, very interesting, via 'Vinny'), and last, but definitely not least, Claire Sinclair topless in a scene from SyFy's Naked Vegas (in under the wire from 'Robert'). Take your time, sip, don't gulp. It's a lot to take in. Enjoy.

And a couple video Reader Finds to wet your whistle. First up, Filipina hottie Ellen Adarna in a short but sweet workout video (thank you to 'Ranchuguy'):

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