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Sam Cooke Goes Blonde Chest Ambition Against Lacey Banghard in the Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

There's no particular reason for blondes to battle brunettes, though in my dreams I assure you it happens each evening with lovely fair-haired ladies in Valkyrie costumes wrestling mysteriously dark and sultry women in nothing but sarongs. The redheads tend to be the referees, wearing nothing at all. It takes all kinds of lovely ladies to make the Egotastic! world go 'round, but today, we must break the peace for the weekly Battle of the Boobtastic, where one woman's jugs win, and the others are declared only second best, but still to die for.

This week's battle features blonde hotie Sam Cooke and her Cupid's bow of chestal goodness versus titan Lacey Banghard and her brunette sensational knockers. Don't leer too long before you render your decision as to the finer pair of lady melons. In short, whose ta-ta's reign supreme this week?

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