Stacey Poole Topless Striptease on an Office Chair Just Plump and Perfect for a Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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Many women tell me they have the fantasy of being naughty in a very formal office with a professional gentleman. I mean, I've only ever really spoken to about five women in my life, two sober, but this seems to be popular among that limited experiential set. I wonder if they see it going down like Stacey Poole, removing her clothes on a high back leather chair and demanding some sort of castigation, if not gentle tickling with a feather until she confesses to something juicy. But I digress.

On Tuesdays we like to honor all that is round and glorious and without end, like the fantastic sweet melons on the beautiful Stacey Poole. Were it not for faptastic funbags, this would would be a dark place indeed. I shudder to think. Enjoy.

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