Thank God It's Funbags! Anja Zeidler Sultry Topless Goodness for Volo

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Consider me an instant fan of Euro model Anja Zeidler. Before our first date had ended, I would have always managed to produce, labeled, and mailed out 1,000 Christmas Cards with us together in sweaters next to a basset hound. Other than this silly obsessions she seems to have with health and fitness, I think we could have a beautiful, primarily physical relationship lasting upwards of three weeks, which would be my new record. For Anja, I would even put the seat back down. I know, this runs deep.

Featured in the visually glorious Volo magazine, Anja displays her hot bodily talents prone, supine, and my favorite, upright and erect. I'm talking about Anja still. Wow, the body on this young model makes me want to write a love song or give up meat for two days. Pretty extreme stuff. But on Fridays, we celebrate the extremely alluring in the fine female form department. Anja wins a medal. Thank God It's Funbags!

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