Thank God It's Funbags! Emma K Topless Naughty School Girl Perfection

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After seeing the delightfully delicious Emma K in her social media pic yesterday in the Roundup, many of you, including EgoReader regular 'Jess D.', inquired, cajoled, and or offered up your own favorite Emma K visuals. She is quite the thing. And, by thing, I do mean girl I will dream about for decades to come but only get kicked in the groin if I ever get within three feet of. Still, I'm so down with Emma K as a topless naughty schoolgirl I'm not sure I can put it into words. Just barely muttered high pitch syllables escaping in halted breath from my person.

On Fridays, we give thanks to everything soft and cushiony and devlishly angelic on the front side of our most beautiful ladyfolk. Emma K is in the category of most beautiful ladyfolk. Her sweet blessed funbags speak for themselves. TGIF!

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