Amii Grove Busts Out Her Chest Batons To Take on Kym Graham in the Battle of the Boobtastic

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Just because this is the Season of the Giving, don't think the hot girls in our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic aren't looking to take the title of top chest from their fellow bodacious chesty contenders. These girls will fight until the last areolae is plum tuckered out to take home the trophy, or, you know, the skeevy congratulation note I send them along with my private telephone number and best time to call me if they want to catch me naked watching sports.

This week's battle features two brunette Brits going Saxon to Saxon with their best teats forward. Amii Grove and her Isis like enchantment trying to fend of the lusty likes of Kym Graham, with flowers in her hair, and honey in her.... well, flowers in her hair. Two amazing women with sweet racktastic. But who earns the top spot. Whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

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