Brett Rossi Is Charlie Sheen's New Winning Girlfriend, Let's See Her Nekkid on Playboy

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Granted, we're doing exactly what Charlie Sheen wants us to do. Talk about his new girlfriend. I'm not assuming, he's been tweeting out 'you're so jealous of me' boasts on his social media accounts just to make sure to rub it in. Naturally, Charlie's new girl is also an adult film star with whom he's been infatuated; some men find dates on, Charlie finds them on RedTube. Fair enough.

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Before new angel Brett Rossi was digging deep into the shagging on camera profession, she was a cyber sensation for Playboy, wherein, we can now see her at her absolutely finest thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus. No greasy guys involved here, just the pure delightful allures of Brett Rossi that began her road to fame and fortune, well, at least her road to spending vacations down in Cabo with Wild Thing from Major League. Enjoy.

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