Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Lizzy Jagger and Sarabeth Stroller Topless 'Wild Things' Posing

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You know how much I tend to devalue the whole artsy thematic concepts in photoshoots of wicked hot ladies. I'm a heathen, I know. But this 'Where the Wild Things Are' motif shoot by Sasha Eisenman of sextastic models Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Sarabeth Stroller, and Mick's daughter, Lizzy Jagger, well, consider me a student of the art all of a sudden.

Bring on the horses and the black and white and the throwback wardrobe and the off-kilter lighting. All of it. It's like a dream about models I have nightly, slightly Warhol-esque, always ending up in my loft bedroom with all the girls nekkid talking about the art scene. Then somebody suggests something heavy about the meaning of life and we have a Crisco-coated sexual rumpus. I like to think in big pictures and small details. That's where the devil is. Enjoy.

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