Charlotte Springer Topless Bikini Udder Goodness for Mammarial Monday

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Oh, heavenly bodies, how you do move me in various delightful directions.

Charlotte Springer has more than just a female form worthy of an ogle, she has the body of a goddesses descended from above to trick men into all sorts of really bad decisions that they would still make even if they were warned ahead of time because such is the nature of wicked goodness. Resistance is futile. And who would want to resist the likes of Charlotte Springer removing her white bikini top poolside anyhow.

On Mondays we celebrate the orbs of universal delights that drive men and our Sapphic leaning lady folk to such pleasant fatigue. Charlotte Springer has plenty enough in her tank to tire us all out with a smile. Enjoy.

(For mucho views of the sextastic Charlotte, check out the official Charlotte Springer site.)

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