Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Highlight Her Killer Tush and Her Friend Jessica Edstrom

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If there's anything hotter in this world that my future betrothed, the perfect seat cans of Italian model Claudia Romani, it's Claudia showing off her bikini bottom to her Swedish model friend, Jessica Edstrom. Yes, one and one sextastic lady don't make two, they make one , as in a singular dream of two playful kittens helping each other remove sand delicately from their glorious nooks and crannies after a day of soaking in the sun and showing off hot bodies for the gentleman oglers.

Someday, soon, 2014 I suspect, the laws of this land will catch up to the lust in my heart, and I shall take Claudia Romani's blessed bottomside to be my lawfully wedded making of the sexy time playtoy. But until such time as we reach that level of enlightenment I shall remain, The Butt Watcher. Enjoy.

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