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Colleen Shannon See-Through Top Water Pimping On the Way to the Pokey

Poor former Playmate Colleen Shannon got into a little trouble with the Feds for trying to smuggle her boyfriend across the Canadian boyfriend. Now it looks like she might be doing a few months of hard time on a very soft and very lucky female prison bunkmate. I suspect Colleen is not quite so pleased with her near future.

But she was kind enough to give us one more glimpse at her sweet melons barely covered in the latest and greatest in the long line of 138 Water photoshoots. We've still never seen the water save for in the multitude of bikini and covered topless publicity shoots, but we'l take it. Just as Colleen will be taken in the women's shower at the Helen Reddy Honor Ranch for Women soon. Everybody has their part to play in this great drama we call life. Enjoy.

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