Danica Thrall Topless Sugar Plums for a Christmas Eve Treat

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As we near the end of the calendar year, my thoughts inevitably turn to things I love and give thanks. Friends, family, and sweet delicious boobtastic. Not necessarily in that order. Seeing Danica Thrall topless in caps from this Nuts magazine special video, I realize there aren't many friends or family I'd put in front of an opportunity to loofa scrub every inch of Danica's amazing chest. I don't really even need a loofa, my mutant body would form a sponge like appendage as needed in her presence. If that only sounds mildly disturbing, you're not really picturing it clearly enough.

As we are but hours away from the grand Yuletide event, I'm so ready to ring the bells and deck the halls with boughs of Danica. She brings out my inner romantic. Enjoy.

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