Fan Favorite Jenny McClain Unbeaches Her Double Barrels for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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By 'fan favorite' I'm referring to EgoReader 'Dave', who apparently has something of a shrine to Jenny McClain in his humble abode. I'm guessing it's not the kind of shrine you want to show the neighbor kids or have your in-laws see so much, more like a private spiritual space. And he couldn't have picked a better goddess really, a woman he is quite sure will become the fan favorite of many of you upon gazing on her stout chesty goodness.

Jenny is apparently the star select of many a big-boobtastic magazine. I didn't even know such magazines existed, which only means I need to dig into further research at my local magazine stand, moving past the mere brown bags and providing the secret passcode to Caesar, the stand purveyor, such that he might allow me access to this down low funbag mag stock.

On Tuesdays we celebrate... well, hell, just look at them! Damn. Enjoy.

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