Humpday Huzzah! Summer St. Claire Peels Off Her Black Bodysuit for a Colorful Expression of Topless Wonderment

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We may be nearing the dead of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn't mean that Summer has ever left our minds. Not my mind at least when speaking of the supremely sizzling Summer St. Claire, who with the mere sound of a zipper unzipping or a button unbuttoning from her general bodily vicinity can send me into something of a tizzy.

On Wednesdays we celebrate the hump of the week, the halfway mark honoring the whole radiant mounds of the most beautiful and dream-provoking women in the world. Seeing Summer St. Claire stripping out of her shiny black body suit leaves me feeling primed and ready to enter Fantasy Land. And yes, it is a magical kingdom where Summer is my queen. Huzzah!

(For all your seasonal hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

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