Jodie Gasson Topless Striptease Out of Her Leather and Straight Into Our Lust-Filled Hearts

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Whoa. If you happen to like curvy ladies in, and out of, leather, then this might just give you your first irregular heart beat of the new year. The deliciously curvaceous Jodie Gasson working her way ever so seductively out of her leather bustier and down to her black stockings and panties. When the hide comes off and the faptastic funbags are revealed, well that truly is the best part of this private moving picture. I guess the photos themselves aren't really moving so much as my eyes keep fluttering at the sight of my belusted Jodie in soft feminine form.

As we reflect upon the past years offering of so much sextastic hot bodies, we give a little bow down to the full-bodied and cushiony loveliness of ladies like Jodie who remind us how much we'd love to roll around the hay with a woman of bodily substance. Enjoy.

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