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Laetitia Casta Mature Hot See-Through Goodies in Vanity Fair

I can't believe it's been fifteen years since French super hottie Laetitia Casta was showing off as a late teen ingenue for Victoria's Secret. Time flies I guess when you're super sextastic. Laetitia is all grown up now and maturely still passion inducing as ever. Of course, many of her European shoots like this pictorial in Vanity Fair France magazine feel obliged to obscure her hot body with artistic layers that make little to no sense to my savage brain.

Still, with a woman as smoking hot as Laetitia, even a lead-lined burqa can't conceal her female powers of attraction. She's super nova. Just, please, next time, Laetitia, just drop your robe and tell the photographer to skip the eight hours of setup and just start shooting. Trust me, it'l be great. Enjoy.

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