Malin Akerman Is Single and Flashing Her Tennis Panties

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You know we never root for the breakup of celebrity couples, but when I heard that Malin Akerman was splitting up with her French husband of too many years, I did feel a little happy tingle in my intellectual parts. She really is an underrated blonde hottie. Maybe it's because she's never had a big time starring role, or maybe it's just because not everybody joins me in thinking happy thoughts about her in the bubble bath each evening, but Malin deserves far more attention.

I'm not sure if Malin was thinking the same thing on the set of Trophy Wife where she was flashing her tennis panties and her keester and all-around beautiful from behind sextastic attitude of gratitude. I'm leering, Malin. And appreciating. And as God is my witness, soon too will the rest of the peeping world. Enjoy.

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