Martha Graeff Topless Wardrobe Malfunction in Miami (It's Really Nice)

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Martha Graeffisn't just one super fine Brazilian model in her bikini on the beach in Miami. And Martha isn't just another amazing looking boobtastic body dating former NBAer turned international DJ, Rony Seikaly. She happens to be the owner of one of the finest bikini changing wardrobe malfunctions of the past month, if not longer. Oh, the glorious times we live in.

Martha was working herself out of her top and into her bikini top on the beach in South Florida when something went terribly right. Her sweet delicious chest puppies came bare right before our ogling eyes as if Santa Claus was throwing us a few previews of coming attractions. It was simply inspiring. Those melons on Martha are just outstanding. Merry Early Christmas. Enjoy.

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