Monika Jagaciak Topless in Black and White for Red Blooded Polski Hotness

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You know my belief in Karma is strong. No sooner had I declared newfound fascination with young gap-toothed Polish super sextastic model Monika Jagaciak than what should appear but just ridiculously hot topless photos of the teasing super sweetheart. I know black and white instantly makes everything arty, and I can respect that intention, even as I stare semi-catatonic at the amazing female form on this seductive Siren. She is quite the alluring thing. And like to go on record as noting I said that before I saw her topless, well, this latest time.

The future is bright for Monika Jagaciak. Just seeing her I feel flames lapping up around me predicting my future residence for imagining such prurient thoughts about her. Enjoy.

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