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Noemie Lenoir Quite Nekkid in Onze Mondial

The last time we saw French actress and model Noemie Lenoir, she was stripping on stage in a burlesque show in her native country. Now, she's quite nekkid once again in Onze Mondial magazine. It's kind of grainy, by design I suppose, but I'm beginning to suspect Noemie is a woman very comfortable with her body. Personally, I'm very comfortable with Noemie's body as well, because it fits into my catch-all category of 'me want so very badly'.

Someday I will learn to speak French so when girls like Noemie scoff at my lame attempts to flirt with them, I will know exactly what they are saying. I've always assumed it translated to 'hairy jackass', but I'd like to know for sure. Enjoy.

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