Pixie Lott Performs In a Dress So Short We Can Sneak a Pretty Peek

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British pop diva Pixie Lott has fascinated me since first I laid peeps upon her. While her music mostly bemuses the younger crowd, her innocent but exhibitionist stage antics with short dresses and upskirt peeks provides just enough happy happy fun time visuals for you to offer to take your niece and her friends to the show, if you must.

In Birmingham. Pixie performed for the holiday time Free Radio show and flashed a little of her keester and up and under her extremely short dress, although prepared so such a reckoning, still a tingly fun ogling opportunity for this blonde pixie delight. Eventually, naturally, we would like to see more of Pixie Lott. Much more. All good things eventually do come to those who wait, especially those who wait with cameras with telescopic lenses pre-positioned in strategically savvy locations. Enjoy.

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