READER FINDS: Rachel Weisz Topless, Kim Basinger Topless, Kate Moss Topless, and Much Much More...

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The last Reader's Find of 2013. Spill some hot skin out for the homies. Strike that, add some more sextastic sharing for those who know 2014 will be even better than this past year in terms of hot celebrity showoffs. It's bound to be. So let's gather round the communal campfire one last time in Lucky '13 for the sharing of the smoking hot ladies with little to no clothes on, a little weekly treat that marches forward ever bigger than before.

This week's Reader Finds includes Rachel Weisz young and topless onscreen (thank you EgoReader 'Amy'), Amber Heard ever so hot and topless (bless you 'Owen E.'), the inimitable Jenny Agutter topless in 70's cinema (throwback, British style from 'Harv'),, Charlotte Springer bouncy topless in Nuts screencaps (boobtastic from 'Steven'), Helen Mirren topless in the infamous Caligula (great dame tops via 'Aaron D.'), Elisabetta Fantone beautiful buxom bareness in Havana 57 (nice funbags from the mind of 'Stacy P.'), Joan Severance in the late 80s flick (we are very welcome 'Davis'), Katee Sackhoff deliciously bare topped momentarily in Riddick (oh so sweetness from 'Justin'), Kim Basinger topless and see-through in her iconic film performance (whoa baby that's hotness dropped off by 'Les'), Alicia Sorell topless in The Sopranos (blessed funbags from 'Peter G.'), Nicole Fox nekkid in Redlands (some sweet teats from 'Master C.'), Jennifer Beals and Mia Kirshner in L Word topless making of the sexy (lesbionics provided by 'Stoney'), Courtnie Quinlan in a Page 3 photoshoot (big chest treats from 'Dave H.'), Kate Moss nekkid in Love magazine (frontals via 'Isaac'), Vicky Xipolitakis sexy in see-through social media pics (muchas kudos for 'Deyon'), Christy Carlson Romano nekkid before the mirror (a classic bit of chestness by way of 'Anthony'),, Charlotte Louisa Moran topless modeling (a favorite girl of 'Harry'), Rosie Jones clothes on, still crazy hot (blessed be Rosie and 'Don G.'), Karen Gillan see-through top in a fashion runway (Pondalicious dropped off by 'Leven'), and Juliette Binoche topless perfect hooters onscreen (way back goodness). So much to enjoy.

And, of course, a couple movies.

First, from EgoReader 'Daniel', a moving view of the Cassandra Peterson, aka, Elivra stripping topless in an early 80's movie, The Working Girls:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="450"></iframe>

And 'Shaleigh' wanted to share a holiday message from the Victoria's Secret Angels, how very sweet:

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