Sharni Vinson Bikini Pictures Full of Cleavage, Asstastic, and Sydney Summertime Splashy Fun

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It is almost the height of summer down in the Southern Hemisphere where the toilets swirl backwards and I believe babies are born upside down. With the heat comes the need for beach time cool down relief, and hotties like Aussie model and actress Sharni Vinson hitting the beach in her wet t-shirt and thong bottom showing off a body that is both blessed and hard-worked.

Sharni is getting tons of attention these days for being Kellan Lutz's current squeeze, but she deserve much credit, bodily and otherwise, for being a force to reckon with quite on her own. Her prancing, preening, and showing off on the beach skills are truly phenomenal, providing sweet glimpses of her nearly all over Sharnis. Give this girl two sextastic scoops of credit. May she never leave the beach. Enjoy.

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