Thank God It's Funbags! Jodie Gasson Pours Wine Over Her Spectacular Topless Body Because Why The Heck Not?

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My plan was to run out today earlier and buy up every single Christmas present I've yet to purchase on my list this year. Then I remembered I had completely completed my list several weeks ago purchasing online gifts for my mom, my smoked meats purveyor, and my emotionally-retarded dog Mr. Fiddles. Leaving me tons of free time this December to simply stare and long for the beautiful topless bodies of bodacious hotties like Jodie Gasson, pouring wine over her bare bosom like a Greek goddess just kind of rubbing it in your face. Oh, how I wish she would rub them in my face.

On Fridays, we celebrate the culmination of our week's worth of visual wonderment travels. A bacchanalia of the boobtastic with fermented spirits dripping down like so many impassioned kisses upon the very fine yodelayheehoos of Jodie Gasson. Thank God It's Funbags!

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