2014 Edition of Battle of the Boobtastic Kicks Off With Rosie Jones and Kym Graham in Teatly Contest

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Everybody talks about evolving and resolutions and all sorts of opportunity for growth and maturity with the start of a new year. Meh, I prefer the eternally juvenile. So much more fun. Like our weekly contests between the proud chests of two super fine ladies battling it out in our Thunderdome of the Tittastic. Sure, it might be a bit sophomoric, but aren't most grand things in life? I'll leave the 'read more classic literature' and 'save a forest' type promises to my more motivated and Facebook lunch picture posting friends. As for me, I continue to love boobs until the end of days.

How can one not marvel at the delicious delights of the likes of Rosie Jones and Kym Graham, and not wish that to be your eternal resolve. Four perfect melons, divided by twos, and pit in the contest of the most delicious. Now, for the first time in 2014, you must again decide the most pertinent issue of the day, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

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