Alexandra Daddario Topless in True Detective; an Epic First Peek at Alexandra's Sweet Teats

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Oh, glorious glorious day. In case you happened to fall in deep lust with Alexandra Daddario at least by the time she was in Percy Jackson a few years ago, then you've been waiting and longing and praying for the day she would unfurl her faptastic funbags in a public and frontal type manner.

Enter HBO's new anthology crime drama, True Detective, stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and premieres on January 12. But who can wait for epic boobtastic? Not I, said the ogle bear. If this doesn't whet your appetite for an upcoming show, I'm not sure what will. Consider me President of the Fan Club already. Maybe secretary-treasurer. I'm not good with big responsibility.

Oh, Alexandra, you've already made my 2014 with your amazing puppies. Just outstanding. Enjoy.

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