Alison Tyler Fulfills a Reader's Virtual Dream on a Ta-Ta Tuesday

I'm not sure how this works, but according to EgoReader 'Jason', if we share these stout and sturdy photos from BikiniRiot of already legendarily tall and healthy mature themed thespianic Alison Tyler, he gets a kiss on the lips from her. I'm pretty sure he's imagining that. I know for sure he didn't say 'kiss' or 'lips'. I made that part up to keep this family friendly. Still, who am I to deny a reader the one in a million shot they've got at practicing a fertility ritual with a lady with the spectacular heights and delights of six foot acrobat of the adult arts, Alison Tyler? That's rhetorical.

I would do anything for my readers. Provided it takes little time or effort and doesn't cost much. I'm there for you. I hope you get exactly what you deserve in this life, Jason. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Alison Tyler's page on for tons more Tyler goodies.)

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