Alyssa Arce Is Back and Baring Her Topless Treats Once More for Terry Richardson

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I think today I'll skip my 'lucky bastard' rant about Terry Richardson and just move right on to leering at the prime time funbags of Alyssa Arce in additional topless photos from a photoshoot with Terry in his lucky bastard studio.

Alyssa is one of my very favorite recent Playboy Playmates, a true beauty with truly epic chestal gifts. Well, you can see for yourself thanks to that lucky bastard who probably got to line them up and squish them with his lucky bastard paws. But I'm past the jealousy stage here. I'm sure it was really hard work telling Alyssa to drop her robe, grab her sweet teats and smile for the camera. Oh, my, I want that job! Enjoy.

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