Amy Markham Topless Glamorous Treats from Across Pond in GQ Italy

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Usually when we see sextastic brunette model Amy Markham, she's strolling along the beach trying to keep her tremendous treats from falling out of not quite fully containing bikini top. Now, she's giving up trying to contain her faptastic funbags yearning to be free, and exposing her bare boobtastic in this glamourous Michael Magers photoshoot for GQ Italy.

We're big fans of Amy's. We've never met her, but because she's good looking and topless we're going to assume she's a wonderful woman until told otherwise. And, let's be honest, even if told otherwise, we'd still go out with her because what the hell do friends and family and police detectives and forensic psychiatrists know anyhow. She still seems nice to me. Especially when her lingerie falls off. Super nice. Enjoy.

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