Claudia Romani Killer Tush Cheek Peeks on Trike in Miami

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I'm not exactly sure what kind of ride Claudia Romani has going on there, I only know it's designed perfectly to show off some of her sweet cheek meat, which makes it an absolutely perfect vehicle in my eyes.

As you know, 2014 is the year I will be formally asking Claudia's amazing keester to marry me, assuming the laws in the State of Florida allow for such nuptials between man and booty. I'd like to think we're at that place now in our society when a man can marry a super fine ladies's badonkadonk and live happily ever after, or until sagging occurs, at which point obviously that arrangement needs to be annulled. Nevertheless, I do predict two decades of solid romance, lust, and squeezes. That's 19 years and 364 days more than I need to make me die happy. Enjoy.

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