Emily Ratajkowski Nekkid Classic Black and White Goodness (VIDEO)

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Somebody noticed that the blessed Steve Shaw topless photoshoot video of the even more blessed Emily Ratajkowski that causes us to harm ourselves with pleasure was removed by YouTube, hence, we were Emily-Shawless on our site. Horrible. Just horrible.

To rectify that situation, and to further seal my suck-up status with the crazy hot Emily Ratajkowski, here's a fuller, deeper, longer look at the extended cut of the Treats! magazine shoot of Emily by Steve Shaw. It really is one of my favorite things in the entire world next to peanut brittle and modern medicine. I realize that not everybody lusts day and night for Emily as I do, but I also realize some might even more than I. In which case, get ready, because I'm coming for you while you slumber. Enjoy.

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