Emily Ratajkowski Topless Pictures Are Nekkid Hot and Bothered

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I could say I appreciate, admire, and respect all twelve million of our regular readers equally and without favorites. But, today, I would be lying. Nope, today, there is EgoReader 'Dave T.' and there is second place for everyone else. For Dave has given me the greatest gift one man can possibly give to another man. No, not a beer helmet, though those are amazing. I'm talking about Emily Ratajkowski topless pictures in all their boobtastic and passion inducing glory.

I'm not even going to hedge my superlatives here. Emily Ratajkowski currently has the finest body in all the Seven Kingdoms. And when her clothes come off, my heart begins to beat at a rate known only to certain stealthy cats on the hunt at 40 mph. These Dominic Petruzzi photos of our heavily belusted Emily are simply stunning. They make me want to do nice things for Emily, and terrible things to myself. This is a wonderful day indeed. Enjoy.

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