Inga Makarova Topless Majestic Hotness For Volo and Ogling Gentleman Everywhere

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I've decided that I might just have a thing for wicked hot Russian and Ukranian models with outrageously sextastic bodies who like to take their clothes off. It was a tough decision, and I did weigh both sides quite thoroughly.

Inga Makarova is just plain alluring, enticing, and all around inviting. The Ukranian up and coming model is featured quite and very topless in the new edition of Volo magazine under the headline of 'Nude Nymphs'. Two words that individually are sweet, but together, well, a must read-see. I'm usually not one for the stylings and backdrops and artistry, but when it involves this smoking hot young lady flashing her tender bare funbags, well, the art must be served. Enjoy.

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