Jayde Nicole Leads a Bunny Stampede for Playboy's 60th

I've had a dream eerily similar to this before. Where I'm lying in bed minding my own business when a bus full of Playboy models and Playmates pull up to my front door and pile in like an invasion force to rob me of my chastity, one by one, at first, then two by two to expedite the line. I beg for mercy, but am only reminded that I exist to be the sex tool for dozens and dozens of horny hot models. Then I try really hard not to pinch myself lest I wake up.

An invasion of bunnies really did take place in Los Angeles as Playboy celebrated their 60th anniversary by riding a double decker bus around town with girls galore, including Jayde Nicole, who looked like 1.2 million bucks in her iconic bunny outfit. Sadly, as in most major cities, Luddite thinking laws prevent women from appearing topless in public lest the children see boobs and feel warm and comforted and normal. Still, there was plenty of hot tease and furry tail to go around. Enjoy.

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