Kelly Brook See-Through Top and Panties Flashing Signals Serious Drool Time on the Red Carpet

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If this sheer black braless top thing is going to become the latest craze for our most sextastic celebrities, then I'm going to switch from Cocoa Puffs to Special K, because I want to keep on living to see this.

Yesterday, Carmen Electra flashing her bare bazoongas beneath a see-through black dress top, today it's Kelly Brook with the mix of sheer cloth and bright red carpet lights at the British National Television Awards that led to this quite fetching sight. We've lusted Kelly Brook since first we saw her bodacious form, and that passion has only grown through the years. This sight of Kelly's award winning yams hardly concealed beneath her top, and her flashing of leg and her undergarments beneath her slit dress, well, invoke emergency protocol 71 and lay down the plastic sheeting. Daddy's coming home! Enjoy.

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