Kristina Tsvetkova Sultry Topless Photoshoot in Black and White

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Do you happen to like wicked hot sultry Russian models baring their toned topless forms for the camera? On the off chance that's a 'yes, you really must check out wet and alluring and contorting fashion model Kristina Tsvetkova who obliges you with some athletic posing with very little clothing on in this memorable Khoa Bui photoshoot. I'm not sure I could easily assume most of her posing positions without several grunts and even more several Advil. But Kristina handles it like a pro, even when slippery and wet.

Somewhere in Russia there is a factory where they produce these wanton lust inducing brunette marvels with the eyes that draw you in and the bodies that make you never want to leave. I'd love to do a factory tour, maybe hide and stay after hours for some quality inspection time. That's the dream. Literally, I dream about that. Enjoy.

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