Lacey Banghard Rings in the New Annum With Twelve Months of Topless Glory

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We've been a little late to replace the wall calendars here at Ego HQ as the New Year's hangovers linger a little long each year. But now that it's time, we're feeling thankful again for the sight of luscious chestal goodness from some of our favorite little big ladies for the next twelve months.

Definitely going up and yonder is the alluring brunette Lacey Banghard, who owns a little piece of our heart and other various key anatomical regions. Lacey doesn't even look like she's trying, but for the next twelve months she will be inspiring so many happy time day dreams. What can be said of a woman who gives so much and asks for so little? Well, let's start with 'thank you, ma'am, may I have another month?'. Enjoy.

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