Lucy Anne Knows How to Take a Solid Topless Selfie

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It's not something spoken of in polite company, so it's a perfect conversation around these parts. The obvious next stage in selfies is the topless wonderments of sextasitc celebrities shooting themselves.

Of course, we have had instances of this in the past with mainstream celebrities, but those were almost entirely slightly borrowed private transmissions. Particularly not posted with the intent to distribute broadly. But let the innocence lead the way, as somebody said once maybe. The innocence slightly modified to the particular use of glamour model Lucy Anne. You know when you've got one name you're either a pop star or a girl with amazingly faptastic funbags, in this case, shooting them her own bad self for your viewing pleasure.

I'm quite excited for the continuing evolution of technology, ego, and the desire for audience among our fine female denizen. Things can only get better. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out the Lucy Anne official website for all your bodacious bodily needs.)

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