Lucy Collett And I Will Probably Be a Couple Soon, Well, After I Fall Asleep

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I know for some of you Lucy Collett is not your cup of tea. For others, she is the pearl in your oyster. Or, maybe something more to do with her oyster perhaps. Either way, you already know my affection for curvaceous red heads, even if there's a little help from the coloration department.

Now, I'm a man who's oft been accused of infatuations with far too many women. I can only assure you that these prurient and unwholesome feelings are entirely and desperately real. I am a a man inclined to love women. I love almost everything about them, not all, but many. You start adding in the shades of ginger and the funbags of a luxury hotel pillow and I'm apt to throw my hat and everything beneath it right into the ring. These are my feelings. Be gentle with me. Enjoy.

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