Lucy Pinder Topless Udder Goodness Delivers the Big Bra, Removes the Bra, Everybody Happy

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Who says bras aren't sexy? I mean, especially when you know they're coming off, they can be incredibly tantalizing tidbits of wardrobe. Especially when fully cupped and large to contain, then un-contain, the faptastic melons of Lucy Pinder, simply one of the hottest women on the planet. Any planet really.

I'd like to put that to the test by being shot into a Mars mission with Lucy in just one tiny space capsule. In fact, forget a silly three year mission to Mars, give me the couple hundred year trip to Pluto, even if it's not really a planet anymore, so we can intertwine our nekkid bodies for a lifetime of zero gravity fun time.

Oh, Lucy, call me. Let's start this space training now. I'm very comfortable in tight quarters with little room to maneuver. I trust you're the same. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out the official Lucy Pinder website for all your officially hot Lucy needs.)

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