Mai Hagiwara Nekkid for Boudoir Asian Babe Perfection

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I'm really beginning to think I'll need to build one of my mountainside fortresses in Japan. I do plan on having several around the world with helipads to land my supersonic Airwolf copter. These will serve as my retreats as I circle the globe being rejected by hot women from all cultures and nations. It's not a job I'd wish on anybody else.

From my perch atop Mt. Fuji, I can be slapped in the face by the incredibly alluring likes of glamour model Mai Hagiwara, who might just snap me with her sheer thong in the bobos if my planets are properly aligned. This passion inducing Japanese hottie takes the fine art of rolling around in her lingerie and less and turns it into a visual wonderment of legendary proportions. I really am truly delighting in our mission to explore the fine ladies of the Far East. It's the kind of education that would have kept me awake during high school. Not that trigonometry wasn't a thrill ride. Enjoy.

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