Minami Kojima Topless Striptease Atop a Pool Table for Ta-Ta Tuesday Treats

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You may recall Minami Kojima from last November when I and a few million of my closest friends fell in deep lust with the Japanese glamour model when first she made her appearance in our humble dwellings. Just one wickedly hot temptress we discovered, well, she was actually there all along, so let's say, uncovered, on our virtual exploration of mystically hot popular ladies of the Far East.

I don't speak much Japanese so I can't really tell you why Minami is stripping out of her nightgown on a pool table, but I'm going to employ some international language of passion here and suggest she's doing so to give the entire world collective wood. Maybe when the planet aligns in such positive pursuits, we will finally have global peace or maybe just tons of really horny men. One or the other. Enjoy.

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