Mr. Skin Has a Special Offer in Honor of Alexandra Daddario's Beautiful Bare Knockers

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I guess everybody needs to honor something in their lives. The good and naughty folks at Mr. Skin are honoring the epic reveal this past week of Alexandra Daddario and her glorious topless parts in HBO's True Detective. It really was one of the more epic introductions of a wonderful chest that I can recall in all my 137 years of doing this kind of work.

Out of respect to Alexandra's amazing hooters, Mr. Skin is inviting EgoReaders to come check out the Percy Jackson starlets bare udders on their site as well as the entire rest of their immense TV and movie hottie archive. You could think of worse ways to waste your time at the office or school. Just saying. And, now, just watching Alexandra. She really has made quite a splash. Enjoy.

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